Wow…it’s been a long dream to start blogging my enthusiasm for scrapbooking and be able to share some ideas and cool projects with other people. The only problem has been time! Of course, aren’t we all short on time?! We start to get lost in the daily grind that we let go of lots of projects and unfortunately in some cases…our dreams.

So of course, I thought…hmmmm… maybe if I enlist some help…but who?! Who is as organized as me? Is a scrap junkie like me? Of course, life then gives me a big help…my cousin!! As luck would have it, we both planned a day in San Diego at Ever After Scrapbook to take the Teresa Collins classes—and while chatting… the blog idea came up and my cousin agreed!!

A LITTLE BACKGROUND: We are a few years apart and as kids had plenty of sleepovers. We always lived far from each other and as teenagers our lives went their separate ways until after our marriages. One day we found out we both owned Cricut machines, we both love to scrapbook, & we are both A personalities. From then on we became closer than before. 

So here we are readers…. two cousins who love to scrap, embarking in a cool little journey together. I hope we bring tons of inspiration to all your projects and we look forward to be equally inspired by your ideas.

– Jenny

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