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We all have them…scrap paper! I usually like to keep all my scrap paper to add small details throughout my pages…but I have always wanted to utilize my scrap for a project other than background mounting. With Thanksgiving coming up (my favorite holiday!) I thought this is my holiday to refurbish those scraps…and since Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite part, I decided to make personalized napkin holders.

Here is the finished product (ignore the blue napkin…I couldn’t find my white napkins): Image

So let’s get started with the tutorial..

Materials you’ll need to make this project:


Scissors, double-sided tape, scotch tape, X-acto knife, twine, ink of your choice, dauber, stamps of your choice, and Kiwi Lane Design Templates [2 inch Strip, Scallop Mini, and Tiny Nature 1T].


Next step is to pick your scrap paper that will fit…be sure to pick one solid piece of scrap paper to personalize.ImageImageImageImageImage

Once all your pieces are cut, then ink the edges with ink of your choice and stamp the solid piece with your stamp of choice. For my project, I stamped my initials and my hubby’s initials…


After the edges are inked, glue the scallop piece to the 2 inch strip piece using the double sided tape and size according to your napkin. My napkin for this project is thin and only required 3.5 inchesImage

Once your piece is taped, join the edges to form a circle with double sided tape and reinforce the edges that meet with scotch tape.

Next, with your X-acto knife, pierce the base of the cut leave and thread the twine through it. Tie the twine around completed paper circle (make sure your personalized leave is on top). ImageImage

Finally insert your napkin and that’s it! Image

Now, you may be thinking…all the napkin holders will not match! That’s okay…they don’t have to 🙂

You can also choose to make this same template for an all matching personalized set as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy preparing for the holidays!